Families are my favorite type of sessions because it’s a 3-in-1 type of session where I can focus on each part together but separate.

In the beginning of my sessions, I always begin with getting the family comfortable in front of my lens. If this is our first time meeting, then I want to get to know the family a little better, so I’ll ask some questions, gain so insights as to what this family enjoys, what are their hobbies, where they work or go to school. And keeping this all in a respectable time frame to get all the shots we discussed in out planning meeting.

When it’s time to start shooting this session. I start with getting the family to snuggle in together, play and have tickle fights, and show raw emotions with curated prompts. Most of my families look for a mix of posed and candid images for their home, so I shoot to capture these moments.

After getting the family warmed up to being in front of the camera, I like to move to getting the kiddos in front of the camera by themselves. I ask questions and use prompts so their personality will show through their images. If they have a favorite toy, action move, twirl, or anything that shows the best them, then I will play with them a little to get them to open up completely. I will even show them the back of my camera, just so they can see exactly what I see, and how awesome they are!

My last step is to focus on the parent(s). I’ve heard so many times, that the last time they had photos taken together or just them, was for their wedding…. For their wedding! Which for most that I have worked with lately have been 5+ years. I get them so I can capture that still blooming love between them.

After getting mom and dad I focus back on bringing the family together for more moments together. Usually at this time, the family is completely relaxed. Their poses and looks are a little more relaxed than at the beginning of the session after working through different prompts and activities.

I love serving families, because for so long my own family went years without capturing us in that moment. Time can go by so fast, that I never want to miss capturing a moment and I want to provided that for all my clients as well. I work to create generational memories and shoot for a purpose to provide quality moments for everyone I serve.

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