Awesome Twinkle Twinkle cake smash for baby O and a petite Mama and Me session in the end.

Just a little star smashing her cake and her beautiful Mama loving on her baby girl!

Twinkle Twinkle Cake Smash

Mama chose this twinkle set from my 2021 Cake Smash Bucket List. We discussed a few different set options and outfit and settled on this awesome set for her baby girl. At the start of each cake smash, I like to start with portraits so the kiddos can get a little more comfortable with my camera and the light. I will typically start off the cake smash set so my families can have these portraits up for years and not have to worry about the theme. Sometimes this can be a big indicator of how the whole session will go.

After spending about 5-10 minutes I like to swiftly move on to getting more portraits on set and then introduce the cake to the kiddos. This little Mama went straight for the cake as soon as we sat it down and I have to say, she LOVED IT! And…. didn’t even share any with her Mama or me. And When I say these cakes are AMAZING! I honestly mean it. I use a local entrepreneur and thus far she has made 3 of my cakes and I plan to always use her if she’s available.

As we were wrapping up the cake smash, just chatting with Mom and we talked about how they don’t have any professional images together. Being that I just finished my Spring Studio Set, I handed Mom a dress from my client closet and ended the session with her and Baby O, just creating moments together playing on the set.

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