Cheesy yes! But I love the movie “10 Things I Hate About You” so… yeah here we are.

  1. I’m married to an awesome man! I don’t say this just because he renovates my studio garage, second shoots, and is currently building me a shelf in the studio lol. He’s (Josh) is a blessing. He truly supports my business and is a great father to our kids. Plus he lets me nap. I’m like a cat… I love me some naps.
  1. I’m a mama to two boys (Luis and Luke) and step mom to two (Orion and Kiyana). On any given day I am mixing up all the kids names especially Luis and Luke. Like who names both children with “Lu” and expect to ever call them by the right name.
  2. I have my Master of Computers and Information Systems from YSU. I also studied as a minor Photography while I was earning my bachelors in Information Technology
  3. I love Scooby Doo. Growing up this was my all time favorite cartoon. I even used to have a Purple Truck covered in Scooby Doo decals.
  4. I work at the #happiestplaceinyoungstown, AKK OH WOW! downtown Youngstown. I have been here since 2015 (whew) and I love it. I am currently a Senior Edutainer focusing on data and technology. Most of the time I am working the front desk. So stop in and say “Hi” next visit.

6. I LOVE to travel. Every year we try to plan a family vacation, and each time we’re looking for a different county. I personally want to always be planted somewhere on a beach, but just the adventures of new experiences excite me. My dream wish is to have at lease 10 different counties stamped on my passport by 40. I have 3 so far.

  1. I’m super introverted, which seems to be the case with a lot of photographers’ I meet. It make take me a second or two to fully talk myself into a session, but once I do, all the bubbly in me comes out and I have a 1001 questions. I’m bouncing around, dancing, etc. just to get those perfect natural smiles.
  2. I love me a good/bad Rom Com. It can literally be a movie with the lowest rating and I love it. Sorry, not sorry, I’m a bit cheesy.
  3. I watch Futurama a bit too much. So almost every night, can we guess what I’m watching? Yep… Futurama, and my hubs jussst loves it! It’s one of those shows I’ve watched too many times so I can peacefully go to sleep knowing what happens. I will say, that I’m probably a little crazy because I always skip over S5 Episode 3 “Jurassic Bark” when Seymour is almost brought back to life, because I just can’t. Sis I mention how cheesy I am… No well I think you can tell now!
  4. And lastly. What I love About Me… I LOVE being a photographer. I do. I love being able to meet new people and capture their memories. This is the most photographed generation but most barely have any pictures to show for it, besides what we post on social media and the endless of files on our devices. Don’t get me wrong I have 1000s upon 1000s of pictures of my family on phone. But I also have a wall gallery of about 50 photos of my growing family, at least 4 different albums of some of the trips we’ve taken. When my memories goes, the one thing that I believe will keep me going is all the captured memories I can share with generations after me. I love being able to look at all the photo books that my grandmother had. I love being able to see past time memories right when I want to. It’s a tangible feeling you just can’t get with a digital file. I do what I do, because I strongly believe in family and what’s passed down.

I will forevermore talk and scream from the top of a building how important photography is and why Print > Pixels.


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