4 great places in Mill Creek Park for your next session

February 11, 2022

Mill Creek Park

Mill Creek Park is such a beautiful place with so many great places for many types of sessions. I’ve yet to explore even 10% of it, I’m sure, I can’t wait to venture out even more. When looking for a site for my sessions, I usually make a few trips to watch where the sun falls, what the traffic is around the area, how accessible it is for clients, and how crowded it is any given day.

When planning sessions, especially mini sessions, accessibility and where the sun falls are the top two important things to look for when scouting locations. Usually for my mini sessions, I have multiple families coming at different times, so I need to be close enough to a parking, so it is easy for families to get to me. Since I schedule sessions back-to-back for a few hours, I have to spend time watching where the sun falls. At 10 AM it could be a great spot but at 12 PM lighting sometimes dramatically where I would have to continuously move the set around. Sometimes, it takes a few scouting trips over a few days even a different times of the year to find a place that is good in all seasons.

Here are a few of my favorite places to photography inside of Mill Creek Park:

Yellow Creek Park - Favorite Season: Fall

MetroParks Farm - Favorite Season: Summer

Daffodil Meadow - Favorite Season: Spring

Fellows Riverside Gardens - Favorite Season: Spring

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